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SAY Magazine Fall/Winter 2012 - Mobile Next

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"The future of mobile is the future of everything." Serial entrepreneur Matt Galligan said it in 2011 and it's truer than ever today. In our Fall/Winter 2012 issue of SAY Magazine we cover this seismic shift in the media landscape with a special report called Mobile Next. We've dedicated most of the issue to exploring how ever-shrinking mobile devices are expanding the ways in which we consume media – and what that means for consumers, advertisers and publishers.

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To explore this new mobile reality, Erik Malinowski of Deadspin and Wired reports on how media-rich smartphones and tablets have become an indispensible second screen for consumers — whether they're at the ballpark sharing an experience with friends or on the couch connecting with strangers (see "Inside the World of Mobile Entertainment," page 16). Meanwhile, Dan Rowinski, technology reporter at SAY Media's own ReadWriteWeb, makes sense of the technologies and companies disrupting content consumption and distribution, as well as the promise and challenges of HTML5 and responsive design ("The Online Content Puzzle," page 20). And we've created a useful fold-out map of the online content landscape and mobile content disruptors that also highlights the great mobile ad spending gap (page 22).

Also in this issue, Dan Frommer editor at large for ReadWriteWeb and founder of SplatFexplains why, for the first time in a long time, it's American companies that are driving mobile innovation ("America's Mobile Comeback," page 30). You'll also find profiles of some of the best and brightest mobile innovators ("7 People Redefining Mobile Interfaces," page 14), a guide to the best apps ("Top 20 Apps of 2012," page 24) and design secrets from the team working on the adaptive mobile media experiences for Remodelista, xoJane, ReadWriteWeb and our other exclusive media partners ("The 6 Secrets of Great Tablet Content," page 36). And there's so much more.

We hope you enjoy it. You can browse it online, download it and share it. Or if you'd like a print version of the magazine, drop us an email and we'd be happy to get you one.

You can also check out our Summer 2012 issue here.

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