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Are You Ready for Future of Media?

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The future of mobile is the future of everything. - Matt Galligan, serial entrepreneur

We are in the middle of a massive transformation in the media landscape. Half of our lives are spent staring at screens — and more than half of that time is spent consuming content. But we aren’t satisfied with just any content. We crave content with perspective — and humanity. Content is social currency. It’s what we use to build our identities, it's what we trade and share in social networks, and it gives us a reason to communicate with each other.

As a result, advertisers are no longer interested in just slapping banner ads on as many pages as possible, and consumers are not willing to accept content that isn’t thoughtful, relevant and available everywhere. Homogeneous media is dead. Readers have taken back control.

A big part of this transformation also means that technology has never been a more important piece of the media equation. At SAY Media, we’re developing great content experiences by building a vertically integrated, modern technology stack. We think holistically about a publication as a consumer brand and not just a collection of articles. Consumers want content with a strong point of view that delights and entertains anywhere, anytime — and on any device they choose. And new technologies and devices make creating and sharing content easier than ever. It’s a wonderful new world of modern media in which Madison Avenue and Silicon Valley are colliding — it's a potent mix, and it’s the future.

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Increasingly, a big piece of the content and brand experience is also mobile. That’s why we’ve devoted this issue of SAY Magazine to Mobile Next — the mobile technologies, content experiences and innovations that are shaping the way we work and play, as well as what the future holds. Whether you’re an advertiser or a publisher, a developer or a creator, to be successful in the modern media world, mobile has to be part of your DNA.

To explore this new mobile reality, Erik Malinowski of Deadspin and Wired reports on how media-rich smartphones and tablets have become an indispensible second screen for consumers —whether they’re at the ballpark sharing an experience with friends or on the couch connecting with strangers (see "The Wonderful World of Mobile Entertainment," page 16). Meanwhile, Dan Rowinski, mobile editor at SAY Media’s own ReadWriteWeb, makes sense of the technologies and companies disrupting content consumption and distribution, as well as the promise and challenges of HTML5 and responsive design ("The Online Content Puzzle," page 20). And we’ve created a useful fold-out map of the online content landscape and mobile content disruptors that also highlights the great mobile ad spending gap (page 22).

Also in this issue, Dan Frommer editor at large for ReadWriteWeb explains why, for the first time in a long time, it’s American companies that are driving mobile innovation ("America's Mobile Comeback," page 32). You’ll also find profiles of some of the best and brightest mobile innovators ("7 People Redefining Mobile Interfaces," page 14), a guide to the best apps ("Top 20 Apps of 2012,"page 24) and design secrets from the team working on the adaptive mobile media experiences for Remodelista, xoJane, ReadWriteWeb and our other exclusive media ("The 6 Secrets of Great Tablet Content," page 36).

And there’s so much more. Explore, enjoy — whether you read it in print, on a tablet, on the Web or on your phone, we hope you like it, and look forward to hearing what you think.

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