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You Are the River: What's Inspired Now

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h1Not everyone has a passion for the perfect side chair or the right shade of white - and that's why they hire designers.

Faye McAuliffe, You Are The River

Venice, California-based designer Faye McAuliffe's lovely site called You Are the River is a study in simple, elegant and minimalist design. You'll find few words, lots of pictures and tons of inspiration. Gwyneth Paltrow is a fan. A recent addition to the SAY 100 Living Channel, we asked her just 5 things.

What are your 5 favorite things right now?

1. Block Vases by Haley Ann Robinson

2. Bonbon Lamps by Ana Kras

3. Hands Wallpaper by Geoff McFetridge

4. Crystal Mountain Cuff by Dream Collective

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5. Scarlet Studio Dress by Ace & Jig

What does the design of a person's home tell you about them? Most of the time, not a whole lot. People can get overwhelmed by design and have no idea where to begin. I’ve been to several homes where the residents are very stylish and creative but their homes don’t reflect this. Not everyone has a passion for the perfect side chair or the right shade of white and that's why they hire designers, to help them figure out just what their style is and to bring that style into their home.

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What interior design sites do you visit for inspiration? A few of my daily reads are Destined to Design, Remodelista, Desire to Inspire, Contemporist, YHBHS

What are some favorite projects you’ve worked on recently? A recent favorite was a total redesign of a Venice bungalow. It was great to be able to create something from the floorboards up, and work in close collaboration with the homeowner who really pushed me to think outside of my comfort zone. It was rewarding to have a finished project I am proud of and a home that turned out better than what the client had hoped for. I am currently working on an outdoor living space/garden for another client. It's been great using what I know about interiors and translating that to the outdoors. I’ve always loved hanging out in nurseries, so to be able to do that as part of a job is pretty awesome.

What designers do you admire and why? Right now I’m inspired by Australian designer Shareen Joel. Her interiors are minimal and modern while still being warm and inviting. Her designs have a sense of levity to them, even though most spaces are full of high end pieces they don’t come off as stuffy. On the other side, Kelly Wearstler is a designer who isn’t afraid of taking risks and pushing boundaries. While I would say my style is almost completely opposite of hers I admire that she really goes for it, has fun, and the end product is always rich in color, texture and pattern. The eye finds something new each time you look around one of her designs.

See Faye's design work at Faye McAuliffe Designs.

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