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Will “Off the Grid” Voters Decide the Next Presidential Election?

As the Presidential and national political campaigns ramp up, new research suggests that strategists might reconsider traditional TV ads as a way to reach audiences. A large and growing number of voters have gone "Off the Grid" and aren’t watching live TV anymore.

The research, conducted by SAY Media in partnership with Targeted Victory, Public Opinion Strategies, Chong & Koster and SEA Polling found that “Off the Gridders” are increasingly using new devices like streaming video services, tablets and smartphones to watch video – and finding easier than every before to skip commercials. Nowhere is this shift more apparent than in Florida and Ohio, where voters are adopting digital and mobile viewing methods faster than the national average.

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This shift in the behavior of voters in Florida and Ohio and across the nation requires executives and media buyers to plan specific digital campaigns to reach these “Off the Grid” audiences - and reach them where they're really watching.

Find more information and the complete "Voters Going Off the Grid: 2012" study results here.

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