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Burning Man 2012: An Alternate Brand Universe

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Why would anyone go to Burning Man? Because it's an alternate universe without brands or money, says Slate's Seth Stevenson. But is it really? Charles Krug figured out a way in (with consequences). Cars are not allowed as transport but cars called Mutant Vehicles are encouraged and even funded by a Burning Man foundation. Or maybe it's a $10 million dollar anti-brand.

The annual festival in the desert is gathering this weekend and it's actually a brand in its own right with tight rules and regulations about what goes and what doesn't (like the Olympics, actually).

If you're going, pack a costume. If you're not, here's some fun reading about what you may or may not be missing (this year's theme is Fertility 2.0).

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Amazing Automobile Art from Burning Man 2012 [Elite Daily]

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