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Creative Spotlight: AdFrames 3 Hall of Fame

"Only with absolute fearlessness can we slay the dragons of mediocrity that invade our gardens." - George Lois

Advertising and design legend George Lois is an unrelenting crusader of doing it right. He has always had an uncompromising dedication to the craft of great design with memorable ad campaigns and magazine covers. In that spirit, the SAY Media Creative Studio’s Hall of Fame celebrates the slaying of dragons and rejoices in the best of its work.

The launch of our AdFrames 3 ad platform inspires astonishing creativity. Each studio from around the world (U.S., U.K., Canada, and Australia) submitted their best work for the year to date. The global studio voted and the top three prevailed.

And the winners are...

Image Title1

Steel Battalion You're in the driver's seat of a tank and the responsiveness of the ad compels exploration. Impossible not to click and drive.

Image Title2

Ecco Shoes An elegant ad with split screen video and photo gallery which drives attention to each scene. Details highlight the quality of the product and an emotional connection to the characters. White space and the subtlety of the font let the unit occupy the space in your brain usually reserved for daydreams.

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Image Title3

Toyota Prius The cars become works of art. The transitions from the video to the car portraits and back was made to feel as smooth as the hum of a Prius. The Creative Studio transformed a simple button to a dynamic experience echoing the brand’s pride of craftsmanship.

Runners Up:

Goldman Sachs Six perception shifting videos each grounded dynamic call to action below the videos is simple and clear, connecting Goldman Sachs firmly to Progress.

Agrarian Letting the stunning photography tell the story and connect to the audience is so powerful.

Microsoft Mobile As one of the first custom content campaigns many people from across disciplines got this over the line. From concept to final delivery, wireframes, video shoot, to the ad - every aspect of this unit was created in-house.

Congratulations to the winners and entire creative team!

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