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9 Brands Doing Great Things on Tumblr

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest … Now more than ever, brands, advertisers and creators are doing great things on social media to gain exposure, loyalty, and growth. But social media takes time, effort, and resources, so how to decide which network to invest in?

Tumblr also offers an incredibly simple way to share content, but it’s streamlined layouts favor companies with strong visuals who are looking to connect with audiences in an intimate, but digestible way. It’s strong social component makes sharing easy, which is an important factor for the community which is eager to share smart, visually rich content.

Here are 9 brands using the service in an exceptionally compelling way:

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This legendary street brand uses Tumblr to both promote new products and sales, but what we really love are the colorful retro-inspired photographs that manage to make us feel young again.

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J. Crew

700 Behind the Line is described as "The (Un)official J.Crew Blog," but the posts are created by J.Crew employees and 770 is a reference to 770 Broadway, J.Crew's corporate address, so we feel reassured that the quirky and inspirational posts are coming from those in-the-know. We love the book recs, interviews,"this week’s discovery," archival pictures… pretty much all of it.

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"Happiness is…" the Coca-Cola Tumblr? Sure it's a huge corporate soft drink company, but no one does nostalgia like Coke. There’s some exclusive content (most of which right now is very Olympics-heavy), but it’s the little reminders of the true meaning of what happiness is ("high fiving a friend," "spending time doing what you love," "hugging it out") that remind us to appreciate life’s little pleasures. Note: It's definitely geared towards teens, but not in a way that’s off-putting to adults.

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Life Magazine

Life Magazine was always about the photographs, and that tradition carries on in their Tumblr. A mix of iconic pictures are paired with unpublished outtakes and old covers that celebrate history.

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Highchair Critics, a Tumblr written and moderated by the Huggies Brand PR Team, capitalizes on the "awwwww" factor that is babies, although in this case it’s mostly adorable celebrity kids and their gorgeous parents. There’s not much actual content about diapers, which just goes to prove that brands can promote themselves simply by aligning themselves with relevant content.

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The Standard Hotels

Irreverent and edgy, The Standard Hotel Tumblr accurately represents everything the brand stands for. The content is a good mix art, food, music, fashion, and events that are happening at The Standard Hotels.

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Sesame Street

If you love Sesame Street (and who doesn't?), you’ll love their Tumblr. Vintage clips, animated .gifs, press appearances, this is a site that kids of all ages can appreciate.

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Alexander McQueen

The McQ Tumblr is everything you’d expect from an Alexander McQueen brand: dark, edgy, and riveting. There’s a ton of photo and video content, plus lookbooks of all of the McQ collections and lots of press coverage. A must-follow for the fashion obsessed.

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Ford Models

Heaps of photos and videos of The Beautiful People. Enough said.

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