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Selectism: What Guys Want

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h1What makes a great men's media site? A point of view.

Jeff Carvalho, Selectism

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When it comes to men's street style and music scene, few people are as plugged in as Jeff Carvalho, the editor who guides the vision of the popular global style site Selectism. Whether you're looking for affordable and stylish watches, which sneakers to wear in Berlin, a preview of the La Perla summer lingerie collection with Jeisa Chiminazzo - or a sneak peek of Kate Moss' retrospective from Rizzoli, you'll find it on Selectism. In between breaking news on the latest urban trends, you'll likely find Jeff at concerts, tweaking his audiophile listening setup, or biking around Brooklyn, Boston or Berlin.

A recent inductee to the SAY 100 Men's Style and Gear channel (curated by the discerning Ben Bowers and Eric Yang of Gear Patrol), we caught up with Jeff by email to get his take on current men's style trends, what makes a great men's media site – and what men really relate to online.

What are some urban men's style trends you're enjoying right now? The casualness of Spring and Summer. The menswear market that we cover has been focused on a return to the classics in both garments and footwear. While paying homage to the past is very important, fashion needs to continue to evolve for the future. Trainers are back in a strong way this summer and we'll be seeing even more of this in 2013.

On the textile side, I am always impressed with the mixed use of technical and traditional fabrics. The Japanese have been on this for some time and stateside many of the sportwear companies are also helping to push things forward on the material end. We'll be seeing much more from high end technical garment makers.

How about the flip side of that – what needs to go? Stateside, we have looked to our past for inspiration for some time now and respected the craftsman of America's industrial past by reviving many dormant brands and giving them new life in the modern day. Today, we need to look forward and continue to develop the new. America in many regards chased what it started. It is time for us to reimagine it all over again.

What do you think men come to a site like Selectism to find? Men and women come to Selectism for a very broad selection news and looks at the latest in menswear, accessories, art, design - anything that catches the eye of the modern man. Readers of Selectism are looking to remain in the know on what we consider to be the most interesting good and services around. If it catches our eye, we believe it will also catch the eye of our readers.

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You divide your time between Brooklyn, Boston and Berlin – what do each of those places bring to the party style-wise? For the three cities, the differences really come in pace and the people. Berlin, where I am sitting at the moment, is one of the most open cities I have experienced and the style represents that. Heavy touches from the Scandinavian fashion houses - European in feel. NYC in scale is massive and for that reason you see various movements in fashion. Both cities have incredible appeal to me for various reasons. Party-wise, Berlin in the summer needs to be exerperienced.

What celebrities embody the Selectism style? This one is a bit tough to pin down as we cover a variety of trends in the market. He would be a younger actor who is more considered about his fashion than most. His trousers will be a perfect fit, as will his suiting. He would have no trouble mixing a proper pair of trainers with a more classic look on top.

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What's the one special item every guy should have in his closet? A wristwatch. You can pretty much can wear whatever is in your closet if your watch is a proper fit for you.

What have been your most popular posts on Selectism? And why do you think they resonated? Accessories. They are easy to see and uderstand on screen and most people know their shoe and belt sizes. Those are easy buys. Understanding how a new shirt maker's fit will work for you takes a bit more commitment. Always understand your fit - hit a physical shop if you need help.

You obsess over music, headphones, magazines, technology, and cycling. What are some favorite things in each of those areas?

Headphones: Etymotic HF5 - they sit deep in the ear canal but they seal and are great for airline travel. Proper bass.

Magazines: We're seeing some great skate and food mags coming from France: Desillusion and Fricote come to mind.

Tech: I love my Kindle.

Cycling: Anyone on any bike is a friend of mine.

Follow Jeff on at Twitter @jeffcarvalho and @selectism.

[Top image: Kate Moss photographed by Hedi Slimane via Selectism]

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