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How to Build a Great Media Company

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It's an incredible time to be in the business of media. Bold new content creators and voices are emerging and catching fire each day. Consumers want content with a strong point of view that is available anywhere, anytime – and on any device they choose. And we're all using new technologies that make creating and sharing content easier than ever. It's a wonderful new world of modern media in which Madison Avenue and Silicon Valley are colliding, and it's a potent mix.

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That's why we're thrilled to announce Kim Kelleher, currently Worldwide Publisher of TIME Magazine, is joining as the new President of SAY Media in September. Recognized for her talent and achievements as last year's Ad Age Publisher of the Year for her work at TIME Magazine, she joins us with more than 20 years of experience at Conde Nast and TIME, among others. Or as TechCrunch put it: "She has some impressive credentials … it's a pretty big vote of confidence." Thanks guys, we agree.

We started SAY Media with a simple but bold mission: to build the world’s next great media company. We saw an opportunity to cultivate talented voices, support them with a scalable publishing platform, and drive deep partnerships with brands and marketers who need to be part of the new media reality. The golden age of digital media is here – and we're excited to be a big part of making it happen.

Read more about our most recent announcement here.

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