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9 Beautifully Raw Street Style Photographers on Instagram

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Everyone knows that some of the most interesting fashion trends originate on the street. But until recently, the only way get a glimpse of the most inspiring street style was either to actually spot it on the sidewalk or see it in print. (Bill Cunningham's On the Street in the New York Times Style Section remains a dependable favorite.)

Mobile devices, however, have changed all of that. Now, with one push of a button, anyone can capture a look that’s unique, fashionable, and likely to be seen next season on the runway. And Instagram allows those photos to be easily stylized and shared. In fact, because it’s so easy and accessible, some fashion experts argue that Street Style is dead. We beg to differ.

Here are nine of our favorite street style photographers on Instagram. If we missed one of your favorites, let us know in the comments.

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Arianna Power shoots the most stylish kids in London. Though she’s clearly inspired by color, texture, and movement, she does a great job of capturing her subjects’ personalities, whether the photo posed or taken on the sly.

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Anthony Danielle’s eye for urban style as well as his ability to capture spontaneous moments makes him a no-brainer for this list. The 25-year-old parlayed his Instagram popularity into a creative agency, Mobile Media Lab, that produces customized visual experiences with brands and their audience on Instagram.

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Frankly, if you’re going to have the name @fashion on Instagram, it’s your duty to live up to it. Lucky for all of us, Mal Sherlock does just that. His candid fashion shots taken on the street of New York City do more than capture the enviable style of New Yorkers, they import you to the moment, weather and all.

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Though Yvan Rodic’s Instagram feed is certainly full of beautiful people, he also captures contemporary culture throughout the world during his constant travels. His preferred subject? “Simple with a twist.”

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Jason Jean became partially blind after being diagnosed with juvenile glaucoma. He started taking photographs in 2008 and his Instagram account is an extension of his site with a gorgeous combination of travel shots, found items, and stylish citizens.

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Beautiful people in beautiful outfits. Australian photographer Lee Oliveira travels the globe taking pictures of the finest street style there is. Completely and utterly chic.

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A must-follow for anyone obsessed with elegant men’s fashion. StylishKing almost exclusively posts pics of well-dressed men in gorgeous suits. In an era of t-shirts and jeans, the photos are refreshing and make one long for an era where taking the time to look good was appreciated.

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Mordechai Rubinstein, or Mister Mort, shoots stylish men just being themselves. His photographs include unassuming men (and women) of all ages in classic looks that will never go out of style. As he says, "I like to shoot guys that have no idea how cool they are."

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Though Travis Jensen’s photographs don’t capture “style” in its traditional form, his gritty and provocative portraits are certainly worth a mention. The San Francisco-based Jensen focuses on “candid street scenes.” He grew up as a skateboarder, so that’s where he feels most comfortable which comes through quite powerfully in his mesmerizing photos.

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