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10 Interesting Media Watchers on Twitter

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Everyone uses Twitter differently, but most of us follow at least some people with similar passions and interests. In our case, that means people who tweet about what’s happening in the media landscape.

Obviously, there are more people who fit that description than we are listing here, but in the past week, these ten taught us something, made us think, or at least put a smile on our face. Check them out and see what you think.

Brian Stelter - @brianstelter

A media reporter for the New York Times, Brian Stelter has four TVs in his bedroom in order to keep up with all of the news.

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Jack Shafer - @jackshafer

Covers media for; an original writer and thinker who’s not afraid to ruffle a few feathers.

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David Carr - @carr2n

Media and culture columnist for The New York Times. His 2008 memoir, The Night of the Gun, detailed his experience as a cocaine addict. His Twitter feed is a mix of high brow, low brow, and personal. And lots and lots of links.

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Tim O’ Brien - @TimOBrien

The former editor of the New York Times business section, Tim O'Brien was poached by Arianna to be the National Editor of The Huffington Post. He tweets lots of links to current events, but also the occasional joke.

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Owen Thomas - @owenthomas

Feared by some Silicon Valley Insiders when he was the managing editor of Valleywag, Owen Thomas is now a contributing editor at Business Insider, where he’s still not afraid to rock the boat.

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Jeff Jarvis - @jeffjarvis

A bit old-school next to others on this list, but journalist Jeff Jarvis has a passion for the Internet, particularly sharing in the Digital Age. He mostly RTs and tweets links, but there’s occasionally a delightful bit of humor included.

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Anil Dash - @anildash

Anil Dash writes about the ways technology shapes and transforms culture. He’s also quick to speak up when he thinks something should be done better or differently. Oh, and he really likes Prince.

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Alyssa Milano - @Alyssa_Milano

Samantha Micelli is all grown up and turns out, a huge fan of social media and tech news. Alyssa Milano tweets a steady stream of links to both current events, pop culture news, and little things that will make you smile.

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Alyssa Rosenberg - @AlyssaRosenberg

A culture reporter for, Alyssa writes about the intersection of politics and culture. This feisty, but thoughtful writer also claims she bakes the world’s greatest coffee cake.

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Jason Hirschhorn - @JasonHirschorn

When you're addicted to non-stop media curation and analysis in real time, the personal feed of this former Myspace president will feed your obsession. You can also get the full firehose @MediaReDEF.

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Got a favorite not on the list? Add it in the comments.

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