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The Top 20 People on Pinterest (It's Not Who You Think)

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If a picture is worth a thousand words, then it's no wonder that Pinterest is growing faster than Facebook and Twitter (at the same point in their short history). With almost 12 million users and 104.4 million monthly visits, it’s becoming clear why the content sharing service will is valued at nearly $1.5 billion.

It’s not just Pinterest's incredibly fast growth, however, that makes it interesting - or that differentiates it from Facebook and Twitter. While the most popular users on both of those other websites are celebrities and consumer brands (@ladygaga, @justinbieber and @katyperry are the current top 3 on Twitter for example), Pinterest doesn't rely on that fascination to engage its users.

In fact, many of the most popular people on Pinterest are not celebrities and not advertiser brands; they’re every day people who just happen to enjoy sharing their passion for everything from food to design to adorable puppies.

Take a look:

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20. Joy Cho / Oh Joy! 812,026 followers Joy curates over 50 boards, but her most popular ones share fashion and home goods for the whimsical woman. And just in case that’s not playful enough, there’s also one dedicated entirely to balloons.

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19. Leah Dent 833,455 followers Leah’s boards are all made up of two ideas.” For example, “halls and stairs,” “ingest and imbibe” and “shin and dig.”

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18. Satsuki Shibuya 885,195 followers A self-described designer / creator / explorer, Satsuki Shibuya’s boards range from typography she loves to sleek housewares.

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17. Ieva Mazeikaite 910, 947 followers A freelance interior designer, she posts pretty kitchens, lovely bathrooms, and fireplaces and pretty shoes.

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16. Jonathan Lo 899,258 followers Joanthan’s “Personal Stylin” board features men’s clothing and accessories that look like they’re straight from the pages of GQ.

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15. Pennyweight 910,098 followers Pennyweight who loves “pretty fashion, wonderful tunes and Mexican food” shares her favorite ideas for everything from 9-to-5 (work) and beyond (parties and vacation).

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14. Kate @ Wit + Delight 719,612 followers A designer and blogger, Kate is “currently obsessed” with almost a thousand sweaters, dresses, vests, shoes, accessories and more. P.s. She really likes stripes.

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13. Rashida Coleman-Hale 924,959 followers A fabric designer, Rashida’s boards include “fabulous tutorials,” colorful and inspiring photographs, and an entire board about her favorite fabric: linen.

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12. Justina Blakeney 984,690 followers Like many of the people on Pinterest, Justina is both a designer and blogger; however, she is also a “mover & shaker, newlywed, mom-to-be, and jungalow-dweller.” This is reflected in her boards that show off her love of bohemian style for both the closet and home.

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11. Christine Martinez 984,722 followers Christine’s “penchant for pretty” inspires with “Words to Live By” and dreamy interiors.

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10. Ez Pudewa 1,034,530 followers It’s the little details that inspire Ez Pudewa. Unique gift wrap, unexpected home décor, and holiday ideas make up just a few of her 58 boards.

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9. Bright.Bazaar 1,053,421 followers Crafting, fashion (for him and for her), interiors, food, flowers and weddings, this color-obsessed blogger’s boards have something for everyone.

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8. Michael Wurm, Jr. 1,074,095 Anyone with a sweet tooth will swoon over Michael’s “i bake” board. His “i cook” board looks pretty delicious, too. Bacon Guacamole Grilled Cheese Sandwich? Yes, please.

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7. Daniel Bear Hunley 1,332,726 followers Style for the Southern gentleman. Daniel Bear Hunley’s boards include masculine prints, style, home goods, packaging and more. Oh, and his “Ferocious Animals” will make you squeal with delight. In a supremely manly way, of course.

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6. Anna H. 1,364,886 followers Thirty-nine boards and 3300 pins featuring textiles, clothing, and design inspiration. All organized by room.

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5. Caitlin Cawley 1,399,662 followers Inspiring homes, closets, and street style make this Boston-based graphic design major one of the most followed people on Pinterest.

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4. Mike D 1,444,858 followers Obscure design, gorgeous cartography, distinct illustrations, and general “awesomeness.”

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3. Maia McDonald 1,480,006 followers A self-proclaimed “visual nerd,” Maia McDonald’s boards represent her affinity for painted portraits, romantic weddings, and adorable babies. It’s also worth noting that she’s a creative coordinator for William-Sonoma.

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2. Jennifer Chong 1,761,890 followers “Graphic designer, food lover, photography enthusiast, traveler” says it all about this Long Beach, California pinner with over 1.65 million followers.

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1. Jane Wang 2,982,983 followers Jane Wang is the single-most followed user on Pinterest. Her quirky and frequent pins have earned her almost 3 million followers. Well that and the fact that her son is a co-founder of the company.

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