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SAY: Connect | Amazing Content That Engages Audiences

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Yesterday we hosted our inagural SAY: Connect event in New York - a day of content led by a curated group of media innovators and creative thinkers who are redefining the art of modern storytelling. Over the course of the day, more than 15 people took the stage to share their experiences and secrets to creating amazing content that engages audiences.

Our special guest, Andy Cohen, Bravo's EVP of Development and Talent, gave us a glimpse into his life, career and how he got to where he is today. He also dished on the Real Housewives (including why he'll never admit who his favorite housewife is) and shared some funny stories from the frontlines at Bravo. An audience favorite was this line: "Study your failures - those are the things that you learn from the most... and they're funny."

The day wrapped up with Erica and Lauren from Honestly...WTF teaching the group how to make spiced ginger infused rum and a great musical performance from local band Yellow Ostrich.

Check out the full agenda and list of speakers.

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More pictures here. Thanks to everyone that joined us for this fun and inspirational day.

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