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Quitokeeto: A Pop-Up Shop of Beautiful Things

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One of the things we love about the new generation online food entrepreneurs – they're full of great ideas, and always trying new things. The latest great idea and new thing to catch our eye is Quitokeeto, and online pop-up shop curated by Heidi Swanson of 101Cookbooks and Wayne Bremser.

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The focus of the shop:

Kitchen jewelry (of the utilitarian sort) with a few wildcard items thrown in. A mix of classics, and collaborations, and unique products from small producers. For this (and future pop-ups) we aim to stock a very short list of the sort of things that last, are special, and make your everyday better - and more lovely! Items and ingredients worth owning.

The first incarnation of the shop is only open from June 13 through July 2 – and features a short list of items they love (both new and found) loosely inspired by the painting above. Sign up here to get future updates about new pop-up shops.

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