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Phoebe Frangoul: xoJaneUK Fashion & Beauty Editor

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Phoebe Frangoul is the new Fashion & Beauty Editor of xoJaneUK, the British version of xoJane which launched today. Phoebe has worked as an editor at, has written for the Guardian, the Sunday Times, Elle, Twin and Phoenix magazines as well as sites like and She also co-founded 'post-everything' zine and blog Pamflet in 2005 and last year launched the Pamflet Salon - a series of women's networking events involving mass consumption of cake, wine and books and guests including Luella Bartley and Katie Grand.

On joining the team, Phoebe told us: “I'm really excited to be working on xoJaneUK - I love the U.S. site and it's a great feeling to be part of the team that will put a British spin on things. On a personal level, I'm thrilled to be working with Jane Pratt - one of my idols when I was growing up as a suburban fan of riot grrrl, punk and Jane and Sassy magazines!”

So what's Phoebe really like – and what can we expect her to bring to xoJaneUK's fashion and beauty coverage? There's her profile on xoJane but we wanted to know a little more…

What's your fashion guilty pleasure? I have an amazing pair of white fringed little leather booties with blue beading on the toes. I wore them out in public once (to London Fashion Week no less!) but now my 'jazz boots' are kept firmly behind closed doors.

How would you finish this sentence: When in doubt wear...? A Breton top. I currently own six and I NEED more.

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Favorite beauty finds of the moment? Pure Tan self tanning mousse - it's an Aussie brand that Miranda Kerr uses and quite frankly if it makes me even look 1 percent as hot as her I'm happy. It's ridiculously easy to use and actually makes you look tanned, rather than orange. And it doesn't smell of biscuits.

How about fashion favorites for the summer? Sun dresses - they're good because I'm quite lazy and I don't need to put any thought into getting dressed in the morning, I just pull on one of these and instantly look quite 'put together.' They should finish below the knee, have wide shoulder straps and be pure cotton. I like vintage ones, my mum's '80s Laura Ashley ones that I found in the attic and Gap's got a great selection this season.

You founded Pamflet - the post-feminist, post-everything site. So what does post-feminist fashion look like? It looks like whatever you want it to look like! Feminism is about having the freedom to choose, and fashion at its best is a powerful form of self-expression. Wear what feels good, not what's 'trendy' and enjoy clothes!

Who's your fashion hero? Gwen Stefani. I've worshipped her since I was 16 and emulated her skater girl style (including the bindi and baggy jeans). She looks just as amazing now and has always stayed true to her personal style, regardless of what's in fashion, just adapting it to suit the different phases of her life.

What's your favorite piece you've written for xoJane so far? The interview I did with the incredibly talented fashion designer Corrie Nielsen. It was amazing seeing her studio and finding out what makes her tick, and I loved having the space to do a really in depth interview and write quite a long feature for the site. I'm quite proud of that piece!

What piece are you dying to do for xoJaneUK? We can't wait to cover London Fashion Week in our own, unique xoJaneUK style - we've got something rather special planned that's never been done before!

Check out Phoebe's recent articles on xoJaneUK here and follow her on Twitter @phoebefrangoul.

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