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6 Great Online Food Magazines You May Not Have Heard of - Yet

Most chefs, foodies, and cooking enthusiasts are very familiar with food’s most notable online magazines, including the digital versions of Food & Wine,Saveur, Bon Appétit, and the popular Martha Stewart Living. While those are all canons in the food magazine genre, we wanted to take a moment to feature some lesser-known digital e-zines we’ve really been enjoying, since we strongly believe there’s room for everyone on the virtual shelf.

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Spenser Magazine - Personalizing Food & Drink

Spenser is a bimonthly digital food and drink magazine with a mission of helping readers with “the sourcing of provisions used on a daily basis, whether by purchasing, preserving, growing, curing, or foraging.” Articles vary from a piece about the revival of the American Chestnut to a first-person account on harvesting oysters in Duxbury Harbor. And recurring monthly features like “Stocking the Pantry,” “Stocking the Bar,” and “Meredith’s Page” (a two-page spread featuring chic, shoppable home and kitchen accessories) are guaranteed crowd pleasers.

Spenser launched with the Nov/Dec 2011 issue and their fourth issue (May/June 2012) shows they’re only improving with age. If you enjoy perspectives from the people who grow, butcher, cook, and taste food, you’ll enjoy Spenser’s fresh viewpoint. Certainly their refined home cooking angle is not one you’ll find in the traditional magazines.

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The Foodie Bugle - The online magazine that tells the whole story of good food and drink

The Foodie Bugle is “an online cooperative magazine dedicated to the sourcing, preparation, and enjoyment of good food and drink.” Based in England, The Foodie Bugle features a healthy mix of well-known and aspiring writers, photographers, reviewers, and cooks. The result is a delightful publication with a range of articles on everything from cookery schools to a history of food photography. Oh, and plenty of delicious recipes, of course.

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Honest Cooking- The Food Magazine

Honest Cooking is an international online culinary magazine with “the ambition to truly change the face of online food media.” They’re also the winner of the 2012 Saveur Best Food Blog award. Their fresh take on everything from serious culinary debate to mouth-watering recipes for cooks of all kind make this a magazine that has something for everyone. Featuring over 200 writers, photographers, and chefs, Honest Cooking is proof that it’s not always true that having “too many cooks in the kitchen” is a bad thing.

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Easy Eats - It’s Good to Be Gluten Free

Easy Eats challenges the traditional approach of what it means to be gluten free through personal stories, community-tested recipes, and expert advice. All wrapped up in cheerful design that’s meant to promote an overall feeling of well being. The subscription-based magazine ($16 for 6 issues over the course of a year) is a must-read for anyone trying to eat a gluten-free diet. The recipes are a happy mix of gluten-free challenges as well as easier meals that are naturally free of gluten. And there are plenty of kid-friendly meals as well.

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College & Cook - For college students interested in food

Sick of the stereotype that college kids only eat easy mac and cold pizza, a group of college kids set out to create "the first ever publication for all things food and college." The second issue was released this spring and features contributions from over thirty schools on everything from salads to spirits. Not content with just focusing on delicious food and drink, however, the magazine also covers food allergies and has an entire section dedicated to "making a difference."

Founded by George Washington sophomore Audrey Scagnelli, College & Cook’s goal is to "unite the growing food community among college students nationwide." Hope they don’t mind if we tag along for the party.

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FoodieCrush - The Online Magazine That Loves Food Bloggers, Their Recipes & Photography

What do you get when you cross great food blogs with a 20-year print magazine designer? You get FoodieCrush a beautiful new digital e-zine that brings the best of the food blogosphere into an easy to navigate package for browsing, sharing and discovering delicious recipes and market finds. Founded by Heidi Larsen – a self-admitted food magazine and food blog addict – the magazine launched in December. Catch our in-depth interview with Heidi (a SAY Media partner) here.

Did we miss one of your favorites? Leave it in the comments - we'd love to check it out!

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