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Ted Rheingold on Entrepreneurship

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SAY Media's own Ted Rheingold, founder and general manager of popular pet-networking sites Dogster and Catster opened the Silicon Prarie networking event Big Omaha 2012 yesterday and shared his startup story with a buzzing crowd at KANEKO, an artists’ creative center in Omaha, Nebraska.

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Ted recounted how Dogster and Catster saw tremendous revenue in the early 2000s, survived the recession of 2008 and came out on top. "You have great days and then crushing days," Rheingold said. "You are putting so much emotion on the line doing what you’re doing. It’s awesome. It is spectacular. You are going to feel it in every way, and there’s no one there to feel it along with you the same way that you do."

Read more at Silicon Prairie News.

[Photo by Malone & Company / Big Omaha]

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