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Cupcakes and Cashmere: A Sweet Combination

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h1If you're not writing about what you're passionate about, it'll come across as inauthentic and you'll get bored.

Emily Schuman, Cupcakes and Cashmere

One of the most popular tastemakers on the Web, Emily Schuman is the creator of Cupcakes and Cashmere a sweet combination of fashion, food, home and beauty. Emily shares her beauty secrets, her favorite fashion finds, her recent wedding, her home decor projects, and gives readers glimpses of her well-styled life in LA.

Just back from her honeymoon in Italy, we caught with Emily to find out more about her upcoming book, how she curates her own brand - and her favorite places to shop this season.

You have a great sense of style. What are your influences and who are your muses? Thank you! I don't really have muses, per se, but I'm simply drawn to women that exude personal style. Whether it's in the way they pull off a bright lipstick, put together an outfit, or how they wear their hair, I tend to gravitate towards what real women are doing out in the street.

You have a book coming out in August – congrats! Give us a preview … what are some of the things in the book that you're most excited about? With my site, I really try to keep things concise, since people don't have all day to peruse pictures and long winded posts. My book, which is broken down by season, follows the same core topics as my site (fashion, food, home, and beauty), but more in depth. It was fun to really have the space to expand on stories and ideas - like how to throw an Oscar party, the casual and polished pieces every woman needs in her closet, and how to organize your office.

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What are your all-time most popular posts? My beauty tutorials have always been really popular - namely the beachy waves tutorial, the smoky eye, and how to do a fishtail braid.

You're a careful curator of your own brand. What's your advice for other creators on managing a personal brand? Write about what you love! I think there's now this pressure associated with starting and maintaining a blog, since people have been able to build successful careers on their own. But if you're not writing about what you're passionate about, it'll come across as inauthentic and you'll get bored. The main things I focus on are having a clean site, high quality photographs, and interesting posts.

Any advice for marketers looking to work with site creators like you? Make sure it's a good, organic fit. Neither brand will benefit from a partnership that doesn't truly resonate.

Where do you go online for inspiration or eyecandy? Who are your soulmates in style/fashion/design? I love FoodPornDaily and Matt Bites. I wouldn't say I have any soulmates online, but I do love Garance Doré's photographs and the stories she tells.

What are your favorite places to shop right now? Zara, J.Crew, Barneys, and flea markets.

Any favorite fashion finds for the summer? Yes! A striped jacket with a jeweled lapel that I found while in Florence on my honeymoon.

The site, a wedding, a book – what's next?! Right now I'm just focusing on being a newlywed and promoting my book ... and then I'll be working on some exciting bigger projects.

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