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Bag Snob: A Connoisseur's Guide to Designer Bags

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h1Brands are blogging, bloggers are brands. Worlds are colliding! But in a very good way.

Tina Craig, Bag Snob

Veterans of the entertainment and fashion industries Tina Craig and Kelly Cook (Tina is a former MTV Asia VJ and jewelry designer, Kelly is the former right-hand woman to designer Mark Eisen) are the Bag Snobs. The've been collecting designer bags for over 20 years. BFFs since meeting at University of Southern California, they immediately bonded over a shared passion for Prada bags. The Bag Snob was created as a way for them to chronicle their obsession with bags… and then beauty, couture, jewelry, shoes… and of course, babies.

Bag Snob is also a SAY Media partner – and we recently worked with Kelly and Tina to update the look of their site to incorporate some of the principles of our clean campaign. More great things are in the works soon, but we took this latest opportunity to check in with them about their favorite handbags of the moment, why they wanted to work with SAY and what other sites they're thinking about adding to their Snob Media empire.

Okay, first fess up – you've been collecting bags for awhile. How many bags do you own today? Tina: I do not know the exact count, but it's upwards of 250+ bags and growing by the day. That's not counting the bags I've given away throughout the years!

And what are your all-time favorites? Tina: I love all of my babies equally but if I had to choose: Hermes Kelly, Hermes Medor and the Hermes Constance. Chanel 2.55 in distressed gray. Bottega Veneta in emerald green crocodile. Bag Snob x DKNY gray leopard clutch/shoulder/belt convertible bag.

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What are your favorite bags for this summer season and why? Tina: I am currently obsessing over my Thakoon Miss Rampling satchel in turquoise ostrich for the summer. It has double sided compartments to keep me organized, a braided top handle and detachable shoulder/cross body straps. Versatile and so chic!

What celebrities have the best eye for great handbags? Tina: Kate Moss, she's a total bag snob!

If you could only have one bag for the rest of your life (hard, I know!) what would it be? Tina: My red matte crocodile Birkin in 30cm.

You were one of the original fashion blogs – what changes have you seen in fashion blogging since you started? Tina: The landscape of blogging changes daily. Blogging has become a legit and well respected business now, unlike when we first started, when blog was a dirty four letter word and we were the outcasts of the fashion industry. Nowadays - brands are blogging, bloggers are brands. Worlds are colliding! But in a very good way.

You just launched a new site design - what excites you about it? Tina: It's very clean and polished!

Why did you decide to work with SAY? Kelly: We were looking for a partner who knows our DNA and can find advertisers that will resonate with our savvy readers. SAY Media is discerning, just like us, so it was a perfect fit!

What's something your readers would be surprised to learn about you? Tina: Between blogging, tweeting, tumbling, facebooking and now pinning - my life is an open book! But I think they'd be surprised to learn that I am an ordained minister and can marry people (legally). Haha.

You've got a whole Snob franchise with Beauty Snob, Couture Snob, Tot Snob, Jewel Snob, Shoe Snob – what's next? Kelly: We have a few more exciting collaborations in the works, and plan to launch our China Bag Snob site this summer. A new era of Snob Global Media is in the horizon!

Follow Kelly and Tina on Twitter @BagSnob

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