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Amazing Map of the Tech Publishing Universe

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For the Summer 2012 issue of SAY Magazine we chronicle how an unlikely group of renegade writers are changing journalism – and the future of publishing. To illustrate our point, we also created a giant map of the tech publishing universe to highlight these incredible creators and help you navigate this fast-changing world.

Click the image to see a full-size high-res version of the map.

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On the map, you'll find the tech news giants like TechCrunch, Business Insider, AllThingsD and Mashable as well as growing contenders like The Next Web, and upstarts like The Verge, PandoDaily, ParisLemon and Daring Fireball. We highlight the sites to watch in the IT space including SAY's own ReadWriteWeb (which is quickly moving into tech news and other verticals), as well as sites that demystify and review all the latest consumer technology such as Engadget, 9to5Mac, gdgt, GadgetReview, and Gizmag; as well as the growing roster of mobile sites that tell you everything you could want to know about apps, tablets and phones including PhoneDog, Android and Me, Phandroid and Phone Scoop.

Also on the map you'll find archetypes of the Shapeshifters (Jason Calacanis), Warriors (Michael Arrington), Telepaths (John Gruber), Steampunks (Josh Topolsky), Seekers (Sarah Lacy) and other personalities that are shaping this universe.

Did we miss a site you love? Let us know in the comments and we'll include it in a future interactive version of the map.

[Character illustrations by Riyahd Cassiem]

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