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Wayfare: The Art of the Journey

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h1[We're] bringing back the art of editorial design and combining it with amazing content from today's leading voices and custom built technologies.

Erica Dublin, Wayfare

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"Travel is not defined by how many miles you cover. It’s about finding inspiration along the way and celebrating the everyday moments." Those are words that Erica Dublin lives by – and not coincidentally they're also the mission statement for Wayfare, a beautiful new digital travel magazine she founded and launched in February of this year. And the magazine isn't just about where to travel – it's about where to go to get inspired. Whether you're looking to find great design finds, change the world, or get your hands dirty while truffle hunting in Western Oregon, this is your magazine. Just reading an issue is like taking a trip – without having to pack anything.

We asked Erica to give us tour of her favorite stories in the pilot issue, to point us to some other digital e-zines that are doing it right – and share her tips for keeping air travel fun.

In addition to Wayfare, you also created the popular and successful travel site for women called See Jane Fly – what did you feel you can you do with a digital magazine that you can't do with a site? We wanted to bring readers a beautiful digital experience that felt continuous, bringing back the art of editorial design and combining it with amazing content from today's leading voices and custom built technologies. To us, there is no difference between a website and an online magazine. The difference is in how the reader consumes one media over the other.

You've tapped a lot of bloggers from around the world to contribute to Wayfare. How do you find them? Our entire team has been blogging, or reading blogs, for a long time. It is where we find our inspiration, so it was a natural place for us to look for contributors.

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Services like Airbnb let people live like a native when they travel. How much do you think this trend is changing the way we travel – and what we want from a digital travel experience like Wayfare? People want to slow down and enjoy the journey, whether that means stopping to enjoy a meal or escaping with the family for the weekend. Travel is no longer defined by mileage. It's about the spirit of discovery - breaking out of your routine to unwind, connect, and learn. With Wayfare, we wanted to highlight what we feel travel should be: motivating, accessible, and delightful.

Give us a taste - what were some of the most popular stories in the first issue? The Daily Grind, featuring the Long Miles Coffee Project was one of our favorite stories from our debut issue. Ben and Kristy Carlson, along with their sons Myles (5) and Neo (3) are a family so brave and intrepid, they make us tear up a little bit. Last year, they moved from Durban, South Africa to Burundi, the rural heart of central Africa — a nation home to 800,000 coffee farmers laboring under some of the poorest working conditions imaginable. It’s Ben and Kristy’s dream to secure fair wages for these farmers by introducing the world’s coffee connoisseurs to the beauty of Burundi beans. We found out about Long Miles from my sister and fell in love. Peggy Wong's Hong Kong is also a fan favorite.

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What are some Wayfare stories you haven't done yet but would love to? Honestly? Anything on animals; sloths in particular. No joke! Not sure how to pull that off, but I'm sure there is a way. I also want to do a big equine piece this fall. There are too many to list!

Are there any other digital magazines that inspired you and what you’re doing with Wayfare? Anyone else who’s doing interesting things you like? The newest love of mine is Kinfolk. I've also been a fan of Anthology for a long time, and who doesn't love the talented gals over at Rue? The Daily is also a leader in the category.

We have to ask… what's your secret for keeping air travel fun in a world with overbooked planes, extra baggage fees, and the TSA? ; ) Fun is not an option when you travel by air, unless you get upgraded or fly Virgin America. I cope by dreaming of beaches, food, and home. Oh, and an extra wine with dinner.

The magazine is on iPad and the Web – what's next? Something you can touch might be in the works...

Wayfare and Erica Dublin are SAY Media partners. Follow Wayfare on Twitter @wayfaremag and on Pinterest.

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