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Quiet Life Makes Some Noise

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There's nothing quiet about the tunes of Americana/folk/ indie rock band Quiet Life, and that's not a knock. The band was forged in Connecticut, spent some time with the gritty, twangy sounds of the South and has emerged as "the band from America. Running the van on waste vegetable oil, and sticking it to the Man." Or as Train Wreck'd Society puts it, they make "good old fashion down home and Neil Young inspired tunes to sip whiskey from a cup made of tin."

As part of our artist series, we filmed this video of the brothers Sean and Ryan Spellman and the rest of the band after they rocked the house at our SXSW party this year.

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Quiet Life's Big Green was released last year, their second LP will be out this summer. Follow them on Twitter @QuietLifeband.

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