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SAY Media’s CPX Model Ensures Your Ads Are Seen

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Today, we’re excited to announce our new cost-per-exposure (CPX) pricing model and the availability of “Content Ads,” a new ad unit designed to meet the unique needs of boutique advertisers.

Counting ads served and not ads seen is one of the biggest problems plaguing digital media. In fact, according to comScore’s figures, more than 30 percent of ads served go unseen by consumers, which means 1/3 of advertisers’ dollars are wasted. Similar to our industry-first efforts around cost-per-engagement, the launch of CPX eliminates these wasted impressions by only charging for ads seen by consumers.

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Our newly released Content Ads feature a highly refined creative execution that looks and feels tightly integrated with adjacent editorial content. These ads are the company’s first product to be billed on the CPX accountable pricing structure, and our clients achieve an average clickthrough rate 3x to 4x higher than the industry average, and guaranteed brand exposure for their advertising spend.

Advocating a standard for a viewable impressions pricing model remains consistent with our Clean Campaign vision. Our efforts to create more accountability and transparency in the industry through measures like CPX will provide a truer picture of the ROI of digital advertising and ultimately attract more advertising dollars for digital.

To get started with content ads, click here.

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