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Wallpaper.'s Ricky Reed Tells Us His Secrets

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Techno-band Wallpaper. was a big hit at SAY's SXSW party this year. If you're not familiar with Wallpaper., the band is led by the sleazy, excess-obsessed Ricky Reed, who is also a gifted producer, multi-instrumentalist songwriter, viral media hustler and disco ball-busting crowd destroyer. And that's just what the band says about itself. In concert they're also a rockin' good time.

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Before Wallpaper. went on stage at SXSW, we sat down with Reed (aka Eric Frederic) in this second video in our artist series. Reed gave us the backstory on where he finds inspiration, his musical influences - and how the Internet has shaped all that is Wallpaper.

Read more on the Wallpaper. website; follow them on twitter @Wallpaper.

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