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Screen Size and Great Media Experiences

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Is a bigger screen better? Don't be so sure. At this year's iStrategy conference in Sydney, Australia, SAY Media's Director of Global Mobile Sales, Doug Grinspan, explored the concept that different size screens on smartphones, tablets, PCs and TVs actually deliver the same media experiences.

Wait, how can watching a video on your iPhone compare to watching the same thing on a 60-inch big screen?

Here's what we really see when we watch different size screens:

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Mobile Phone – we hold a 4-inch screen roughly 12 inches from our face for prime visibility.

Tablet – we hold a 10-inch screen roughly 2 feet away on our lap or table top for prime visibility.

Desktop – we sit roughly 3 feet away from our 19-inch screens for prime visibility.

TV – we sit roughly 8 feet away from a 36-inch screen.

In each case there is an ideal visual range for each screen for maximum comfort, exposure and perception. It's why we jockey for perfect seats in a movie theater – the ones that are not too close to the big screen, and not too far away.

The percentage of visual range is more or less the same regardless of the size of the screen. So we sit closer to a 27-inch TV, and move farther away when we are fortunate enough to have a 60-inch screen.This means that what you actually register or see, regardless of the size screen you're watching it on, is largely the same.

It's a bold theory, but in a world where all of us move seamlessly across phones, tablets, notebook, PCs, and TVs for our media experiences, it's a pretty good one.

What's your take? Do bigger screens really deliver a bigger impact?

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