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The World Will Be Watching ... Let the Hunger Games Begin

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The Hunger Games feeding frenzy is upon us. If you're not sure what we're talking about, Gawker puts it succintly: "It's got love, loss, music, revolution and Lenny Kravitz! ... It will be bigger than Twilight but much better and will rake in a billion dollars." Opening in theaters this Friday March 23, Hunger Games is also already the obsession of thousands of food writers and fashionistas, even before the movie premieres.

For starters, The Unoffical Hunger Games Cookbook has hit the shelves, featuring recipes for Katniss' favorite lamb, fig and olive stew, creamy rosemary-orange chicken and hearty loaf of seeded multigrain boule that will allow fans to cook (and eat) their way through the trilogy.

The LA Times reports that Katniss' skills with a bow and arrow have skyrocketed the sport's popularity, saying "archery had long been relegated to the realm of men in tights, apples atop heads and junior high summer camp ... then came Hunger Games."

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SAY partner, Fashionista shares its excitment about the movie by celebrating some of the movie's style, including crazy looks from the Capitol, Cinna's gold eyeliner, Katniss' functional braid and a Hunger Games inspired nail polish line. Fashionista also plays dress up with Katniss, Peeta, Gale, Effie and Prim - outfitting them in some of their favorite designers styles from the runway.

Geeksugar takes a look at how the "not real" technology of The Hunger Games stacks up to the real world of today, and it turns out they may not be so far fetched after all.

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We decided to see where SAY would fall into the post-apocolyptic nation of Panem and what do you know, we're an engineer from District 3, the technology district. Find out your own persona here.

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