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SXSW Preview: TastemakerX Stage

TastemakerX, an app that helps you "discover new Artists and like-minded tastemakers through a new discovery engine," is sponsoring the upstairs stage at our SXSWi show on Monday March 12th. On their stage will be Bear in Heaven, Mister Loveless and Quiet Company.

Bear in Heaven

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"Mostly made up of textural, spacious three- to four-minute pop anthems with towering choruses, BRFM is a welcome reminder that an album doesn't have to be bombastic to feel huge and important. Take out the earbuds and let it fill a space: This is music that's bigger than your iPod-- music you'll want to feel all around you...Lush synth beds, warm electronics accenting polyrhythms, and Jon Philpot's yearning, boyish howl coalesce into a vibe that's muscular without being macho, and which strikes a rare balance between nuanced emotion and overwhelming sensation." -pitchfork

"For Beauty"

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Quiet Company

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"Austin, TX natives Quiet Company have created an album that should raise plenty of eyebrows, elicit a few audible wows, and get some serious word-of-mouth buzz. We Are All Where We Belong combines different feels, influences, and energies into a work that should be sought out and listened to at full volume." - Consequence of Sound

"You, Me & The Boatman"

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Mister Loveless

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“Their latest single, “Nineties Children,” could easily be played on commercial radio or on college radio; they straddle that line between alt rock and art rock perfectly.They’re like a coin that landed straight up on its side and won’t fall over. What makes this whole thing even more dramatic is that one side will eventually claim this band; they’ll either become an indie band or an alt-rock band – unless they become Radiohead (but that’s a different discussion). Whichever side they land on, you should marvel at the balancing act they’re doing right now – it’s impressive and mind-boggling.”–MySpoonful

"Nineties Children"

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