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SXSW - Meet the Panelists: Michael Sippey

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Meet Michael Sippey, Group Product Manager at Twitter, and the second panelist to be featured in our "SXSW Meet the Panelists" series. Along with Heather Champ, Michael will be participtaing in an interactive discussion on online self-expression during SAY's panel On the Internet Everyone Knows You're a Dog on Sunday, March 11th.

Find out more about Michael below:

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  • Michael is currently working on Platform and Developer initiatives at


  • He was previously the VP of Artists Development at SAY, where he worked on identifying and partnering with influential content creators and publishers to create new media properties.
  • Before that, Michael was VP Products at Six Apart, which joined with VideoEgg in 2010 to create SAY Media.
  • Michael launched the pioneering blog "Stating the Obvious" in 1995 and he's been blogging since 2003.
  • Follow him on Twitter @sippey.

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Sunday, March 11th

5pm - 6pm

Sheraton Austin - Capitol ABCD

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