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SXSW - Meet the Panelists: Jessica Zollman

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Next up in our Meet the Panelists series is Jessica Zollman. She will be joining Heather Champ and Michael Sippey as they discuss how technology is changing online self-expression in SAY's SXSW Interactive discussion On the Internet Everyone Knows You're a Dog.

We've included a couple of interesting tidbits on Jessica below:

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  • Jessica is a social media professional from San Francisco.
  • She is currently the community evangelist at

    Instagram and has also held positions at Formspring and Linden Lab.

  • Jessica is also the co-creator of 1197, a mobile photography conference named in honor of June 11th, 1997 - the date the first camera phone photo was taken.
  • She is Polaroid film and Iceland obsessed.
  • Jessica runs the Weekend Hashtag Project at Instagram - a weekly photography series featuring designated themes & hashtags.
  • Follow her on Twitter @jayzombie and on Instagram (jayzombie).

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Sunday, March 11th

5pm - 6pm

Sheraton Austin - Capitol ABCD

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