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SXSW - Meet the Moderator: Ted Rheingold

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This Sunday evening, Ted Rheingold, SAY's GM and the founder of Dogster Inc is hosting a SXSWi panel entitled On the Internet Everyone Knows You're a Dog at the Sheraton in downtown Austin. He has asked 4 industry experts - Heather, Michael, Jessica and Rick - to join him on stage to provide their unique perspectives on how technology is changing online self-expression.

In this final installment of our Meet the Panelists series, let's get to know the moderator Ted:

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  • Ted is a publisher, entrepreneur and pet lover living in San Francisco.
  • He is the General Manager of Owned & Operated Properties at

    SAY Media.

  • Before joining SAY, he founded Dogster Inc in 2003 to create a community to help people be better pet owners. He ran Dogster as CEO for nearly 8 years. Check out Ted's dog Moxie's Dogster profile here.
  • Before that, Ted created the Web services company One Match Fire. He began building Web applications in 1996, and held senior engineering and design positions at several companies including Preview Travel (now
  • Follow him on Twitter @tedr and on Tumblr.

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Sunday, March 11th

5pm - 6pm

Sheraton Austin - Capitol ABCD

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