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SAY SXSW: Music Takes Over Interactive

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Thanks to everyone who came out last night to SAY's SXSW party at the Speakeasy. We had 6 amazing bands playing on two stages and headliner Cults put on a spectacular performance complete with light show. The crowd favorite, Wallpaper. kicked off their SXSW tour at our party, playing hit songs #STUPiDFACEDD and F****** Best Song Everrr.

In case you missed it, the tweets speak for themselves:

SAY Media's party won the night... Got stupidfacced with @Wallpaper. #mademyday #thankyou - @SillyCristina

The bands @saymediainc's party are insanely good... Call me #FanGirl :) #SXSW #SAYSXSW #iPhonography - @suesthegrl

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A couple pictures from the event are below, more to come on the SAY Flickr page. Later today, we will be announcing the winner of our Best Party Picture contest on Twitter. Stay tuned!

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