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Introducing the Newly Redesigned Dogster & Catster

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Nearly a year ago at SAY we acquired our first property, pet enthusiast community site Dogster. Today we've launched a new redesign of the site, featuring new content, a cleaner layout and more visibility for brand advertisers. Here are a few improvements on the new site:

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  • Targeted editorial content - More lifestyle-oriented posts and articles that offer first-person perspective from pet owners; more pet-oriented style features and product-focused posts

  • More opportunties to showcase content - better visibility for stories; top stories highlighted at top, including the number of comments
  • The Clean Campaign – leveraging SAY’s Clean redesign to showcase one brand advertiser through the spotlight ad, breaking through the clutter
  • New sections – consolidated categories across multiple blogs, focusing content into four main sections:
  • Launch of the Dog Showweekly video episodes featuring Ted and the Dogster team, along with other pets and their owners, adding a fun new element to the site
  • Improved editorial process – state-of-the-art publishing platform offers streamlined workflow, where writers and editors can easily collaborate on content, even remotely; preview frames and easy to manage site updates; easy to customize and see changes in real time

The Dogster community is extremely active, with 2.25 million unique visitors monthly. “We are excited to be able to produce content that is relevant to people with dogs and cats and let people with different opinions contribute. Our new content will offer new voices on a wider spectrum of interest,” said Ted Rheingold, General Manager of Dogster.

The site is also being migrated to our new Orion publishing platform, which will improve the editorial process and make it easier for the Dogster team to produce great content.

See the new site design here:

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