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Geometric Sleep: Style with a Sense of Humor

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h1It's all about keepin' the hustle alive!

Laia Garcia, Geometric Sleep

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Laia Garcia is the voice of Geometric Sleep – a smart and funny fashion sketchbook full of sharp observations about 2012 runway shows from Haider Ackermann ("If you aren't already bowing down at the altar of Haider Ackermann, you have a problem") and Proenza Schouler ("the one show that I look forward to every season in New York") as well as musings on rebellious sweaters from more down to earth brands like J.Crew. Read her blog and you won't quite look at fashion the same way again. "Her writing ranges from astute observations about such trends as leather aprons to astute observations about the fashion styling of Kids In The Hall drag sketches. She knows everything, basically," wrote xoJane editor Jane Pratt when she named Laia to the SAY 100 style channel.

We checked in with Laia to see what she's coveting right now, who her fashion soulmates are and what else she's working on this year.

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Your blog is about fashion, malarkey and shenanigans. We've got the fashion part – what are the malarkey and shenanigans? What's your filter? The malarky and the shenanigans are just the fun parts, the music videos or the random images or the random things that I become obsessed with. It's the malarky for the shenanigans, the things you can see that will make you have your own adventures and create your own thing. The filter is simply "stuff I like."

What role do you think sites like Geometric Sleep play in the fashion world? I don't know that my blog plays any part in the fashion world because it's just so really just about me but I think in general they offer different points of view (hopefully) on what the usual publications are saying. Bringing the fun and keeping it REAL.

What fashion items are you coveting right now? The Jil Sander beanie with attached veil from Spring 2012, a Celine totebag with rainbow python embellishment and the hideous chunky mary-janes from Prada's Fall 2012 collection. I dream big but my reality is not that exciting. Haha.

Instant fashion review: What do you think of Lady Gaga's style? Best summed up with a quote from Empire Records: "Shock me, shock me, shock me with that deviant behavior."

What other fashion bloggers are your soulmates in style? Polio Polio Polio, Tavi, Elizabeth and Hazel. Lately I've really been digging the girl behind Stop It Right Now as well...

In addition to your own site, you've contributed to xoJane, Rookie … what's next? Just trying to keep on with new writing and styling projects! Right now I am concentrating on getting the third issue of my zine Holy Child out, and playing shows with my band screentests. It's all about keepin' the hustle alive! (The actual hustle, not the disco dance.)

Follow Laia on Twitter @geometricsleep.

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