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Brian Oblivion Talks Cults

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"The Heaven's Gate mass-suicide happened like 3 blocks from my house…" And so begins this first video in our artist series where we showcase some of the talent we've been working with.

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In early 2010, Cults — an indie-pop band led by guitarist Brian Oblivion (his real name is Ryan Mattos) and singer Madeline Follin posted a few tracks onto their Bandcamp page. Within a year, they were signed by Columbia Records and released a self-titled debut album which earned them rave reviews (Jim Jarmusch is a fan) and sent them around the world to play for fans.

The Cults were also the headline band at our rockin' SXSW party this year. Before the show, we sat down with Brian to ask him about his influences and what the Internet allows you to do as an artist.

Hear more of their music on the Cults Web site, or follow them on Twitter @cultscultscults.

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