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Babyccino Kids: Glamorous, Gorgeous – and Fun

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h1We decided to start the blog as a fun way to keep in touch and continue the conversations we used to have.

Esther van de Paal, Babyccino Kids

What's not to love about a beautiful site that brings Moms their daily dose of the coolest and most stylish craft projects, recipes, travel ideas – and of course, great shopping ideas. Founded by Esther van de Paal in Amsterdam, Courtney Adamo in London and Emilie Walmsley in Paris, Babyccino Kids is for Moms who want to make parenting glamorous, gorgeous – and fun.

Billing itself as an “international lifestyle website for modern mums,” Babyccino Kids features posts from dialed-in, style-savvy point-mamas sprinkled throughout the globe. Clean, sharp and hip, it’s perfect for time-starved shoppers and travelers (which is why it's also part of the SAY 100 parenting channel.)

We caught up with Esther in Amsterdam to ask her about the site, how she tests products she recommends - and what's next for Babyccino Kids.

You're in Amsterdam and the rest of the Babyccino team is in London, Paris, Montreal, Auckland, LA… how did you find each other? Nearly 7 years ago Courtney and Emilie and I met in London, shortly after the birth of our first children. We became good friends and loved to meet up with our little ones in tow, enjoying cappucinos (and babyccinos to keep the children entertained), and discussing everything young mums like to talk about (parenting, cooking, crafting, clothing, relationships, etc). After Emilie moved to Paris and I moved to Amsterdam, we decided to start the blog as a fun way to keep in touch and continue the conversations we used to have. To keep the conversation global, we invite friends from around the globe to join in!

What does that international-ness bring to the site? Even though the basics of life as a young, modern parent are the same wherever you are, the details can be completely different from location to location. We love to hear about family life in different parts of the globe, discover cool products, learn about other customs, etc. We feel it teaches us to look further, to explore the world, to inspire us in ways other than what we see around us locally.

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You test everything you feature - how does that work? We prefer to only write about things we believe in, that inspire us, that we personally know (meaning that we own as a parent or have seen at a friends’ place, for instance). This gives us the opportunity to write a personal post from our own experiences, and a genuine recommendation to our readers.

What are your personal favorite things right now for kids? I love to bake cakes or cookies with the kids. I remember loving that as a kid and I see the same pleasure on my kids' faces now too. And both my husband and I secretly like the marble track our kids got for Christmas - it’s a great toy, even for parents!

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What are the most popular items in your Babyccino Kids store? Almost a year ago we started a shopping portal where we represent a lovely selection of the world’s best children’s boutiques. Our members are only those boutiques we personally stand behind, because they have something interesting to offer, that you wouldn’t find so easily on your local high-street. We have boutiques on our portal from around the world, big and small, and we hope to offer an inspiring, international place to shop for your children.

What other design mom or parenting blogs do you follow or admire? I greatly admire Gabrielle Blair from Design Mom, she’s an amazing business woman, very creative and innovative. She and her husband Ben have 6 children which doesn’t keep them from traveling, and moving to Europe for a few years for an international experience. I find it an eye-opener to see that with loads of children you can still have an amazing career, and live an international, inspiring life.

You create great hip travel guides… what cities are next? We now have four travel guides on our blog (London, Paris, Amsterdam and New York). I personally hope for an LA guide at some point! We also have a series called ‘weekend get-aways’, where our readers from around the world share insider information about the city they live in - perfect for a weekend get-away with children.

Follow Esther and crew on Twitter @babyccinokids.

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