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Serious Eats + Ritz = Serious Fun on Game Day

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This Sunday, Americans will gather in living rooms across the country to tune in to the most-watched television program in the United States: The Super Bowl. Families and friends will get together to watch the New England Patriots and the New York Giants battle it out for the coveted Lombardi Trophy, while marketers will wait to see if the $4 million spent for 30 seconds of air time was worth the price.

And while Super Bowl Sunday certainly couldn’t exist without football, for many people it’s less about the game, more about the commercials, and mostly about getting together to chow down on all of the fan favorites buffet style. In fact, Super Bowl Sunday is the second-largest day of food consumption in the United States, a day that wouldn’t be complete without America’s favorite snack: the easily stackable, always top-able Ritz Cracker.

Which is why when Ritz Crackers partnered with SAY Media to promote its “Battle of the Toppings” contest on Facebook, we couldn’t have been more excited. We are in the business of pairing amazing brands and influential voices and what better way to get Ritz in the game day snacking conversation than through a Super Bowl-centric custom content series on a leading food website that’s focused on celebrating and sharing food enthusiasm?

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Enter: Serious Eats.

In order to align the Ritz brand with relevant content, Ritz is sponsoring a custom content series on Serious Eats focused on delicious ideas and recipes for a Super Bowl party. While the posts do not necessarily include Ritz Crackers (though one does because that was truly the chef’s cracker of choice), the themes of the posts (toppings, spreads, party planning) create a strong contextual alignment with Ritz Crackers.

In addition, the sponsored by copy at the top of each post drives traffic to the Ritz’ “Battle of the Toppings” Facebook page, and an interactive spotlight ad has 100% share of voice as a fixed placement next to each post.

So as people gear up for the big game, they will find delicious recipes, mouth-watering photographs, and great tips and tricks for football-friendly dishes. From team-themed platters to a slideshow of Ten Toppings & Spreads for the Big Game to the ultimate Guide to a Stress-Free Super Bowl Party, Ritz and Serious Eats have provided the ultimate game plan for a winning Super Bowl Party.

If only the 49ers were playing…

But there’s no crying over spilt milk beer, so tell us in the comments: What tasty treats are you most excited to indulge in this Sunday? And who are you rooting for to win?

The SUPER BOWL® and VINCE LOMBARDI TROPHY® are registered trademarks of the National Football League. There is no affiliation or relationship between the National Football League and either SAY Media or Kraft Foods, the maker of RITZ® brand crackers.

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