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Curating the Cutting Edge of Creative Design

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h1Believe in the work you do. You can spot real passion a mile off.

Will Hudson, It's Nice That

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With It’s Nice That, founder Will Hudson, has created the perfect platform (a hub on the Web and in a bi-annual print magazine) to record and document his love of the creative industry. It's also an incredible place to find new talent and get inspired. Founded in 2007, It's Nice That has also grown into a thriving London-based creative studio that creates "bespoke campaigns, exhibitions, events, print and web design with our network of talent, for people who believe that fresh ideas are as important as we do."

We asked Will Hudson (who's also part of the SAY 100 design channel) to talk to us about the art of uncovering new talent, where he turns for ideas, and his advice for aspiring designers.

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One of your goals with It's Nice That is to uncover new talent. Give us a taste – what's some great new talent you've found lately? We're lucky to be shown so much great stuff every day from emerging talent to established names within the industry. What we want to maintain is this meritocratic way of publishing, showcasing both side by side. For a taste of the new we've discovered some great emerging talent through our student of the month feature

Any all-time favorite discoveries? It would be unfair to highlight individuals from such a wide range of creatives as we believe everyone we post has something special ring on. Today for example, I'm enjoying the fashion of Josh Goot, stories from illustrator Quentin Blake, an identity designed by ManvsMachine and a music video by Dan Brereton and David Maclean.

You also put out a print magazine. How do you decide what goes in print and what goes on the Web? The beauty with the Web is everything is so immediate, we can discover a new creative, publish them and gage the audience reaction within an hour. We can publish a far greater selection and quantity of work online that can be viewed by people across the world on any number of devices. Print still holds that tangible nature that online is still getting to grips with. In print we can showcase the work in a medium closer to how the work was originally intended in a format and production values we get to decide. People are also prepared to read longer interviews and features in print (this is changing with the increase of tablets on the market). Print is tough though, advertising and distribution are difficult but we like a challenge and as long as our readers still show an interest and desire to buy print we'll keep providing it.

You and your colleagues are incredible curators of interesting design. Where do you find it all? We're naturally very inquisitive and interested in the work that's being created so are looking at a variety of online and offline sources all the time. We're also lucky that we've met a number of the creatives and they are aware of what we do so they often send it through to us. Other than that you don't have to go very far for somebody to recommend someone they've worked with or just discovered or heard a lot about.

What other design voices do you follow and what do you like about them? Too many to mention! I think it's important to get a rounded view of design and keep track of a number of sites, many of which might not be directly related to what you do. For consistency though you can't go wrong with Designboom and the NY Times T Magazine blog.

Any advice for young designers today looking to get noticed? Believe in the work you do. You can spot real passion a mile off.

Follow Will and It's Nice That on Twitter @willhudson and @itsnicethat

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