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What's Your Next Gdgt?

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What phone/camera/computer/_____ should I buy? That's a question Peter Rojas gets asked a lot. As one of the founders of Gizmodo and Engadget, he decided to tackle the problem too. Along with Ryan Block (also former editor-in-chief of Engadget) he built – a site with reviews and product information about consumer electronics, from people using the products. Or as the site says: "Reviews from people who actually know."

Just ahead of the big Consumer Electronics Show in Vegas, we checked in with Peter (pictured right) for a lightning-fast interview about his 86 gadgets (including his favorites), what gadget blogs he still reads, and what else is ahead in 2012.

You round up the most wanted gadget lists for each month. What do those lists tell you about what people want in gadgets? What trends do you see? We see that what people want doesn't always match what gets written up in the blogs. An example is that the Nokia Lumia 800 and Samsung Galaxy Nexus were our most wanted gadgets in November, ahead of the new iPhone 4S.

What are the most asked questions or popular discussions of all-time on gdgt about gadgets? Any surprises? Anything related to the release of a new version of OS X always gets tons of traffic!

What are the highest-rated gadgets of all-time on gdgt? Apple iPad2, Apple iPhone 4S, Apple MacBook Pro 15-inch, Apple MacBook Pro 13-inch, HP TouchPad … we have a good summary right here!

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What's a gadget that doesn't exist yet that you'd like to have? I'd love something the size, weight, and form factor of a Kindle Keyboard, but that runs a full-blown mobile OS.

You're applying the wisdom of the crowds to gadget reviews. What's the crowd really good at – and what are its limitations when it comes to gadgets? It's good at evening out the fact that each individual values different things in a product, but conversely it's not so good at addressing your needs if you have something very, very specific you're looking for out of a product.

You've both got deep roots in the gadget blogosphere and as technology journalists. What gadget blogs/writers are you reading these days? Any new voices you're watching? I still read every post on Engadget very single day.

Where do these gadget media sites fit in for the gdgt user? gdgt isn't a news site, so we're more complementary to the blogs. We're more about product research and getting the most out of your stuff post-purchase.

You also do events like gdgt live in San Francisco that let people get their hands on gadgets and try them. What other events will we see in 2012? We'll be doing a bunch of events in 2012, including San Francisco, New York, and Austin during SXSW.

Any plans to do the same thing you do on gdgt with other products that are becoming gadgetized or part of the gadget world like cars, appliances, home automation…? And what about the tools that take gadgets to the next level like apps? We've thought about it, but just doing a good job with gadgets is challenging enough.

How many gadgets do you have right now? What are your favorites at the moment and why? I have 86 right now. Current favorites are the Samsung Galaxy Nexus and the new 13-inch MacBook Air.

If you had 3 wishes for gdgt what would you ask for? That we had the 1) time, 2) money, and 3) resources to do all the things we'd love to do.

gdgt is a SAY Media Partner. Follow Peter on Twitter @peterrojas

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