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SXSW 2012 Panel Preview: On the Internet Everyone Knows You're a Dog

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As part of a SXSW Q&A series, Rachel Lovinger over at the Scatter/Gather content strategy blog from Razorfish interviewed Ted Rheingold (founding CEO of Dogster, Inc and GM at SAY) to discuss his upcoming panel at SXSW, the pros and cons of anonymity online and what dogs do on the Internet.

During Ted's panel at SXSW, On the Internet Everyone Knows You're a Dog, he'll lead panelists in an interactive discussion on how technology is changing online self-expression. A selection of the interview with Ted is below.

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Scatter/Gather: Who are your other panelists and what do each of them bring to the conversation?

Ted: The goal of our panel is to facilitate a wide-ranging, boundary-pushing, open-ended (hyphen-rich) discussion led by the panelists but driven by the audience. All the panelists (Chris Poole, Heather Champ, Rick Webb, and myself) bring years of first-hand experience in running identity-oriented social software. Flickr, 4Chan, Six Apart, Dogster/Catster, and Barbarian Group have all created community and participatory experiences based upon their own intuition and vision. My goal as moderator is to spring some of the most awkward identity issues from the biggest and small Internet destinations and communication services and see how far back we can unpeel the onion. If the attendees are really engaged and leading a good bit of the conversation I will have done my job properly.

Catch the full Q&A on the Scatter/Gather blog.

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