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Nerd Boyfriend: Style, Elevated

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h1Get a tailor ... Learn how clothes should fit. Then feel free to break fashion rules as needed.

Roxana Altamirano

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Roxana Altamirano is the vision and genius behind Nerd Boyfriend, a style site that offers step-by-step directions for recreating the iconic looks of celebrities ranging from young Harrison Ford and Rob Lowe to Jim Henson, David Bowie or Salvador Dali. Add links to where to buy the items, and you've got a wildly addictive style site for dudes who like things a little square (in a good way) - and the women who love them.

We first met Roxana when Jane Pratt of xoJane named her to the SAY 100 Style channel. Since then she's added a new site to collection, the most excellent Nerd Girlfriend which is off to an auspicious start. Roxana has also been a contributor to Details magazine and Put This On, a Web series for men about dressing like a grownup.

We caught up with Roxana about her most popular posts, where she goes for inspiration – and what looks she finds hot for men right now.

Nerd Boyfriend – such a great name. You clearly use the term loosely. What makes someone a nerd in your book? I read this definition of nerd online some time ago and it really stuck: Someone who passionately pursues skill and imagination.

Who are your all-time favorite nerds and why? I get asked this a lot and I always say Jim Henson, Professor Indiana Jones and Le Corbusier because they epitomize my definition of nerd. But it's a new year and it's about time for new favorites, so I'm going to go with George Harrison, Mos Def and Carl Sagan. Same reason.

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What other style blogs do you read for inspiration?,, I search through tumblr a lot, there's some amazing curators out there.

What are all the all-time favorite nerds of your readers (most popular posts)? The most popular posts are pop-culture icons, mostly of TV or film - DJ Jazzy Jeff, Muppet Annie Hall, Beetlejuice, Adam Scott in Parks and Rec.

What was your most controversial? I try to stay away from controversial figures, and for the most part people are smart enough the blog pays tribute to people's sense of style not their moral ground. I get the most negative comments when wardrobes are not very fashionable. I really wanted to post the actor Raul Julia one day, so I posted a waist-up photo of him wearing a turtleneck and thick glasses. People commented that I should of tried harder to find a more fashionable photo. I rather liked the post. I get bored of finding cord blazers, wingtips and ties. Plus everything is inspiration and everything comes back in style.

Instant makeover for our readers: What are the biggest fashion no-nos for men at the moment in your book? That's a tough one, I try very hard to see the enthusiasm in every style choice. I gotta say I'm not a fan of knit caps that droop in the back though, or square-toe dress shoes. That wasn't so tough.

What looks do you find hot right now for guys? Hoodies under blazers, vintage trainers, I'm still into Wallabees.

More advice for men: How should a guy develop his own sense of style? Any tips? Find a tailor. Build a relationship with this wonderful craftsperson. Learn how clothes should fit. Then feel free to break fashion rules as needed.

How would you finish this sentence: When in doubt, wear a … blazer.

What would your readers be surprised to learn about you? I may be comfortable providing others with inspiration for their style, but I'm not as comfortable as I'd like to be with owning my own personal style.

Nerd Girlfriend.... tell us about that. A girl version of NBF has been on my list for a while and it's finally up. My ambition is to learn as much about women's style as NBF has taught me about men's style.

Follow Roxana on Twitter @nerdboyfriend

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