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SAY Media Acquires ReadWriteWeb

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I’m excited to announce today that we have acquired ReadWriteWeb, one of the most popular and influential tech blogs in the world, to anchor our growing Tech channel.

Founder and editor-in-chief Richard MacManus will continue to lead ReadWriteWeb as part of our expanding editorial team. We’re also excited to introduce SplatF founder and editor-in-chief Dan Frommer as ReadWriteWeb’s new editor-at-large.

ReadWriteWeb has established itself as one of the leading sources for technology decision-makers and tech-minded consumers. As we looked to acquire a property that would further strengthen our technology channel,ReadWriteWeb naturally rose to the top of the list. Richard and his team are extremely passionate about the content they create and have worked very hard to develop a deeply engaged and informed community of tech enthusiasts.

Knowing Richard’s and Dan’s authority and influence in the tech industry, I’m certain this will be a very exciting collaboration. The site will have the support to grow its editorial scope and improve the reader experience. Together, we are opening up more opportunities for advertisers and are continuing our commitment to create clean, clutter-free digital media environments.

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Check out the video below for more on this exciting news.

Matt Sanchez

CEO, SAY Media

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