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Remodelista Holiday Markets: Great Turnout in Marin and LA

Remodelista hosted two Holiday Markets in December, one in Marin followed by another in Los Angeles. Each featured an array of local artisans and small businesses selling their goods. Marin had over a 1,000 shoppers to the Market which was housed in the building of a former bank. Heidi Swanson of 101 Cookbooks proving to be a local celebrity (she swiftly sold out of books well before the end of the day). Big Daddy's warehouse full of antiques and vintage finds provided the backdrop for LA. The crowd featured designers and fashionistas coming out to shop, and with a few (minor) celebrity sightings.

Image Title1

RTH Shop

Image Title2

Baum Kuchen

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Brendan Ravenhill

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Peko Peko

Stay tuned for more Remodelista Markets in 2012.

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