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Honestly…WTF: All Kinds of Awesome

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First, there's the name – Honestly…WTF. Awesome. Then there's the content on the site, which is an amazing collection of some of coolest trends in fashion plus handmade and DIY projects for creating those upscale looks for less at home (like these over-the-top DIY MiuMiu glitter sneakers).

We checked in with the founders Erica Chan Coffman and Lauren Kolodny to find out where they turn for inspiration, what their most popular posts are, and what's the deal with their site's fun-loving name.

You both work in the fashion industry – how do you decide what to feature on the blog? What's your filter? First and foremost, we have to really love the artist, designer, or subject. However, our blog is very visual, so imagery is also extremely important to us. Unfortunately, we've had to pass on certain ideas because the images weren't up to our standards. We also try to stay away from posting about something that has already made its way around the blogosphere. Creating unique content is critical!

You also have these amazing DIY projects – how did that start? And what are some of the most popular projects? I went into jewelry and accessory design because I've always had a knack for creating and making things. For years, I had wanted to start my own DIY blog, sharing tutorials on all the things that I've taught myself to make. Eventually, Lauren and I merged our ideas and started Honestly…WTF. Currently, we have one DIY project per week rounded out with daily posts on art, fashion, travel and home. Interestingly enough, our most popular DIYs are the jewelry tutorials: DIY Hex Nut Bracelet, DIY Friendship Bracelet, DIY Wrap Bracelet, and DIY Woven Chain Bracelet. Our wrap bracelet tutorial has received over 1.2 million Stumble Upons!

What's something your readers would be surprised to learn about you? I majored in Economics and Lauren didn't know what a blog was before Honestly…WTF. Needless to say, we started Honestly…WTF as blogging rookies.

What are your favorite things about NYC Fashion Week? Going to all the shows and presentations, of course! Honestly though, meeting other peers in the fashion industry, especially other bloggers, is one of best perks of NYFW. We've made so many great friends and it's always so exciting to reunite during Fashion Week. It's the most exciting couple of weeks in our favorite city so it's hard not to look forward to it each year.

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What are your all-time most popular posts? Our DIYs are definitely the most popular. One of our art posts, titled Invisible Man, is our all-time most popular art post. It profiles a Chinese artist who camouflages himself into any surrounding with paint. It's pretty mind-blowing!

Where do you love to go or look for inspiration? We read tons of blogs everyday for inspiration. We also find inspiration simply within our daily lives and travels.

What other fashion sites or writers do you enjoy? Who else is doing it right? The Man Repeller, Miss Moss, Park & Cube, StreetFSN, and Style Bubble are some of our favorites.

Name of the blog – it's great. Where does it come from? It's always been a phrase that Lauren and I have used when we see something extraordinary or unbelievable. You always knew when you were onto something really good when Lauren or I would say: HonestlyWTF. It seemed like the most appropriate name for a blog about all things that inspire us. We also sat and spent 4 hours thinking of a blog name and couldn't think of a better option. I think we ultimately made the right decision!

What's your fashion guilty pleasure? Lauren has an obsession with coats and anything vintage. My guilty pleasure is jewelry and accessories.

Fashion/style items you're most excited about for next year? Lauren is most excited about visors, as seen on the runway at Balenciaga. I personally can't get enough of bright and bold colors and mixing patterns and prints.

Honestly…WTF is a SAY Media partner. Follow Erica & Lauren on Twitter @honestly_wtf

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