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Creative Spotlight: 2011 AdFrames Hall of Fame

A living legend, Lee Clow, said "Great brands have a story, our job is to tell them.” All the ads we create at SAY Media have a story as unique and special as each person that touches them. And in 2011, our Creative Studio did a lot of storytelling: we designed, developed, and produced an incredible 3,000+ digital ad experiences.

Every month the Creative Studio also picks the best of the month, the ones that make it into the AdFrames 3 (AF3) Hall of Fame. Here were this month's winners:

Intel AF3 & Doc On engagement this ad greets you with the copy "Dazzling Performance, Immersive Visuals." The microsite experience delivers on this brand attribute by being quick, reactive, and fullscreen stunning.

Image Title1

BELL wants you to know they are the place to go for smartphones. Our unit delivers the message to you in an elegant and simple product showcase.The use of whitespace and minimal copy focuses your attention on the products and removes the complexity of our subject.

Image Title2

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The bold choice to allow the phones to sit within the BELL logo links smartphones to the brand in a sublime way. Nice touches like turning our AdFrames 3 chrome blue, adds to the brands presence and hints at how the classic IBM letterbox commercials created distinction.

Busted Image

Other great ads that did not make it into the Hall of Fame this month but are well worth a look include:

Adidas - Watch how the hero content swaps in the takeover.

Tourism BC - Let the gorgeous images do the work…ski season is here!

HP Beats - Microsite with custom content and a clean approach to conversations.

Braun Spotlight - Microsite in a Spotlight…super sleek…with more of the same in the Doc.

Congratulations to everyone who worked on these campaigns - and to the Hall of Fame winners.

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