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Brave New (Tech) World

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h1The landscape of the tech news and blogging world has been radically altered in the last year, and it just got another big jolt...

Ben Parr, Technology Journalist

Techmeme and Twitter trends don't lie. Our acquisition of ReadWriteWeb was big news this week. Bolstered by the addition of Dan Frommer of SplatF to the ReadWriteWeb team, the announcement made waves in the business and tech community and got the industry thinking about the state of tech media, the future of independent publishing, and what's to come in 2012.

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When you live and work in the Bay Area you sometimes need to remind yourself that the rest of the world doesn't necessarily care to follow gourmet food trucks on Twitter, obsessively monitor one's mayoral status on FourSquare, or track the goings on of Silicon Valley's celebrated illuminati. But even so, we think you'd be hard pressed to find a semi-tuned-in, app-savvy individual who wasn't aware of the tremendous shift that has occurred over the past year in the way media is being bought and sold, created and consumed.

In no way has this change been more apparent than in the tech media microcosm. But while many popular tech sites are either mired in corporate turmoil, making headlines in their own right, or unsuccessfully adjusting to the post-PC world, a rare few have quietly stayed the course, focusing on the things that made them popular to begin with: good reporting, insider access, insightful analysis and a passion for the craft.

And this is exactly why we were attracted to ReadWriteWeb. In an industry that is increasingly dominated by ego, snark, linkbait and cynicism, Richard MacManus and his team have stayed committed to quality journalism and editorial excellence.

At SAY, we know it's our people that make our company great and Richard's team is no exception. The site was built on a foundation of great writers with a point of view – and who clearly love what they do. It's on this solid footing that we'll take ReadWriteWeb to the next level. Through a combination of thoughtful design, new talent, strong voices, and engaging advertising, we'll work together to create a premium content experience that provides culturally relevant and incisive analysis on the ever-expanding role technology plays in our lives.

While the ways we consume media will continue to change, what really matters has remained the same: quality, authenticity, passion. It's with this in mind that we welcome ReadWriteWeb to the SAY Media family. We hope you're excited to see what's next.

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