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Ben Parr: What's Ahead in Tech Media

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It was a big year for tech journalists in 2010, including Ben Parr. He left giant tech blog Mashable - where he was the editor-at-large and focused on technology trends and media – and is now starting his own company. We also know Ben as one of the technology voices in the SAY 100. Technology channel curator Stuart Miles of Pocket-lint writes about Ben that he "has the power to influence a lot of influencers. Whether it’s covering Google or Facebook, he is in on the social networking scene and knows how and why it ticks." Ben now blogs at

As a long-time media watcher and reporter, we asked Ben what he's seeing in tech media today.

What are you working on these days post-Mashable? It's a secret! But really, we're working on a technology startup. We're in the middle of our funding round now; hopefully we'll be able to announce more in 2012.

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There have been some seismic shifts in the tech media landscape in the last 18 months. Is good news for consumers who turn to blogs and sites for their tech news and analysis? How so? Oh, absolutely - it means that there are more choices for where you get your news. Great reporters are being rewarded for their hard work.

What are the opportunities for new upstart independent tech sites? There are still huge opportunities to dominate different niches. There are a lot of tech sites, but if you get the right people and build up distribution, you can play in this game with the big guys.

Is there a hole in the tech coverage these days? There is way too much focus on consumer Web and not enough on the B2B side of technology. Most consumers don't care about it unfortunately, but it's really important and deserves more attention.

Who are the new rising stars in tech media? I know if I start picking favorites, I'm going to make everybody else mad. I do have a list of people though that I think other publications should be poaching.

What other big changes would you not be surprised to see in tech publishing in 2012? I wouldn't be surprised to see Sarah Lacy's rumored TechCrunch competitor come roaring out of the game with some TechCrunch writers in the wings. It will be like what The Verge was in 2011.

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