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Surprising Stories of Innovation: Wireless

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From wireless display to WiFi networks, wireless has become the backbone of our lives. With much of the focus these days on 3G vs 4G wireless networks, there’s too little awareness of the innovations that continue to happen in WiFi and the amazing experiences and applications that it enables - and the benefits it brings. We worked with Mike Masnick, editor in chief of Techdirt, and thought leaders at Intel to highlight some of the more surprising stories of innovation in wireless.

"The world just reached an astounding 7 billion people - most of whom don't have access to many of the things we in the west take for granted - including information. Wireless technologies have a chance to change that equation, and what comes out of it may be completely unexpected, but tremendously powerful," writes Masnick.

You can see video of the possibilities below:

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There's also a video of Mike discussing wireless innovation here:

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