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Surprising Stories of Innovation: Security

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"Security is a touchy subject, these days. There's a fine line between legitimate security concerns and blatant fear mongering, but there's no doubt that security, in general, is an important subject," writes Mike Masnick, editor in chief of Techdirt. "One key point that I think too often gets lost in the discussions around security is the question of trust."

SAY partnered with Intel to create a series of videos around innovation in technology, including this fourth installment on security. The video features John Manferdelli, computer scientist and professor at the Intel Science and Technology Center at UC Berkeley. Manferdelli and his team are thinking about potential security problems that haven't even been imagined today - so that they don't block the development and adoption of new applications tomorrow.

You can see the video of how Manferdelli and his colleagues are thinking about security and innovation here:

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There's also a video of Mike discussing security here:

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