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Seriously, You Should Try This

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For the past few years, the editorial team at Serious Eats has been eating its way across the country - and the results are tasty. Released today, the Serious Eats book, called Serious Eats: A Comprehensive Guide to Making and Eating Delicious Food Wherever You Are gives you everything you need to find the best food en route to your next adventure.

Here's what the Serious Eats team has to SAY:

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One, long, impassioned search for our favorite eats from across the country—from food trucks to fine dining and everywhere in between. The best pies and sliders and brisket and croissants and fried chicken we know. 50 recipes developed by J. Kenji Lopez-Alt. Predictably mouthwatering photos from Robyn Lee.Tales from the road. Introductions to many of the fine folks making this fine food. Our theories on oatmeal and American cheese, pizza ovens and sandwich construction. And much, much more.

There will be a few classic Serious Eats gems you've seen before between these covers—I mean, how could the Hamburger Fatty Melt not make it into our book? But the vast majority of the photos, recipes, and content are brand new.

Buy it at Barnes & Noble, Amazon, or Indie Bound.

Already own the book? Email the editor at Serious Eats a snapshot of yourself with the book and they'll post it on the blog: "Like those diners and ice cream shops that have photos of customers wearing their T-shirts all over the world. Except without the T-shirt part."

Serious Eats is a SAY Media partner.

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