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SAY: The Faces of Independent Media

At SAY we love independent publishers - and not surprisingly, many of our own are independent publishers themselves. It takes one to know one, right? We have industry experts, budding designers and publishers of virtual inspiration.

Check out our staff publishers and let them know what you think.

SAY'er Melissa Lukach of New York

Weather Attire

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Melissa is a Director of Solutions. Her blog is a "guide to dressing for NYC weather where I pair fashion photography that is relevant to the day's forecast."

Posts Not to Miss: October 26th, August 31st

SAY'er: Daisy Barringer of San Francisco

Oopsie Daisy

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"If my life is going to continue on in this manner, we might as well all get a good laugh out of it." Daisy is a Copywriter as well as a writer and Sports Editor for xoJane.

Posts not to Miss: When Email Goes Bad (Or: I Wish Guilt Trips Came With Pool Boys and Mai Tais), WANT: SK8 or Die

SAY'er: David Tokheim of San Francisco

The Influencer is You

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David is the SVP, Media in San Francisco and his blog consists of his choice of, "influencers, social media, digital marketing, the continued disruption of traditional media, marketers thinking like publishers and funny tweets."

Posts Not to Miss: How Brands are Borrowing From Publishers' Toolkits, Hey Brands! Influence the Millennials

SAY'er Jeff Reine of San Francisco

Essays and Ephemera, Caveat Creator

Image Title4

Jeff is the GM Director of Typepad and uses his blogs as a place to "Collect and reblog found internet objects on 'essays & ephemera' ( and try to write more substantive posts on consumer technology & commerce at 'Caveat Creator.'"

Posts Not to Miss: Midcentury Sewing Box, Company Culture Counts

SAY'er Kimberly Yount of San Francisco

KP Lives Here

Recommended for you

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Kimberly is the Events Assistant and spends her days with the Marketing Department in San Francisco. She is an avid photographer and loves her pup Poe.

Posts Not to Miss: SHARK!, Tahoe Party

SAY'er Michael Sippey of San Francisco

Image Title6

Michael Sippey writes about technology, business and culture and is not limited to media, software, books, art, television, business, food, music,blogs and nostalgia. Sippey is one of the Web's original self-publishers and has been blogging since 1996.

Posts Not to Miss: Pores and All, A Life Lived Entirely Without Nostalgia

SAY'er Mira Kim of San Francisco

Miss Mira Kim

Image Title7

Mira is a Design Intern in the San Francisco Office. She considers herself "a designer that enjoys good typography, thoughtful designs, and the color teal. I believe that good people deserve good design. I do not mean I judge who is deemed worthy but rather, no one should live life with anything less than awesome."

Posts Not to Miss: Dinner Time, Beer

SAY'er: Anna Zeman of San Francisco

Stupid Little Cute Things

Image Title8

Anna is the Social Media Consultant for the Pet Properties and spends her day hanging out with the Dogsters.

Posts Not to Miss: Ferret & Bug Eyed Dog in a Cup

SAY'er Sarah Schulweis of San Francisco

Celebration Anniversary Gym

Image Title9

Sarah works is the Marketing Intern in San Francisco. She has been maintaining her blog with her best friend since January 1st 2009. They post their food (vegan/gluten free), fashion and music musing as often as possible and like to consider it a place where people outsiders can listen in on their conversations.

Posts Not to Miss: Star So Light, Star So Bright, 100 Years of Fashion

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